PVC shutter product introduction.

Addtime:2016-05-25 22:09:47

A, adjust the light, ventilation - through the adjustment of the leaves, you can block or introduce outdoor light into the room; through the adjustment of the leaves, you can ensure indoor ventilation, so that the air in the room is fresh and cool.
B. Insulation and Energy Saving - In winter, indoor warm air is prevented from flowing to the outside and the effect of air-conditioning heating is enhanced. In the summer, direct sunlight is blocked and the air-conditioning effect of cold air is enhanced.
C. Eye protection - By adjusting the angle of the leaf surface, it is possible to block the sight from the top or bottom.
D. Sound Insulation, Anti-ultraviolet Radiation - Compared with ordinary curtains, PVC blinds have good sound insulation; in summer, they can block more than 95% of ultraviolet rays.