PVC ventilation window (shutters), grasp the sun and create a high quality of life

Addtime:2016-03-14 23:18:09

PVC ventilation windows, sometimes referred to as PVC shutters, blades are usually 2-1/2, 3-1/2 and 4-1/2 inches wide, PVC blinds are made of PVC microfoam profiles and are a perfect choice For wet room environment (bathroom, shower room). Blinds modelling originated in Europe, design beautiful classic and stylish, widely used in villas, luxury homes, apartments and office space. The shutters can be completely retracted and the scenery outside the window is unobstructed. The windows are simple and elegant. Curtains occupy part of the space of the windows, making the width of the visual window of the house affected, making it cumbersome.

UV blocking
In terms of shading, shutters not only can withstand ultraviolet radiation, but also adjust the interior light; in terms of ventilation, blinds fixed installation and thick texture, you can comfortably enjoy the cool breeze without other concerns; curtain swing will be Occasionally when living indoors, the design of the blinds with a layered cover ensures the privacy of the home. In addition, when the blinds are completely closed, there is just one more window, which can play a role in sound insulation.

Cool in winter and cool in summer
The use of good heat insulation material effectively maintains the indoor temperature and achieves the goal of energy saving. (Note: Only a few brands with good reputation can guarantee this, the appearance of beauty does not mean everything, please look for the trademark DUOMEIDA.) Simple and free angle adjustment, control the incident light, to adjust the blade angle to control the injection Light, you can adjust the blade to the most suitable position.

Privacy protection
In the direction of blade movement to block the external line of sight, while lighting, blocking the top-to-bottom line of sight. Clean and comfortable, easy to clean. Usually only need to wipe with a rag, please use neutral lotion when cleaning. Don't worry about discoloration and discoloration. Waterproof blinds can also be fully washed.

Energy saving and environmental protection
Using non-toxic formula and non-liquid additives, the product is non-volatile and belongs to the green environment-friendly material. The use of plastic substitute wood to save forest resources is conducive to maintaining ecological balance. Moreover, PVC profiles are tougher and durable than solid wood and plastic, and are not cracked, warped, or deformed, making them more affordable.