PVC aluminum plastic coextruded profiles

Addtime:2017-09-20 00:27:12

Aluminium lining and micro-foaming profiles are compounded into one composite door and window. Aluminum alloy is used as the profile frame, and the outer layer of the inner aluminum lining is covered with a layer of micro-foamed profile as the insulation layer. Both the high strength of the metal doors and windows and the thermal insulation advantages of plastic doors and windows. High strength, super heat preservation, sound insulation performance, stylish appearance. Used in casement windows, shaped windows, swing doors, sliding doors, indoor partitions, etc.
High strength and long life
Aluminum-plastic co-extrusion profiles can give full play to their respective advantages, so that doors and windows have high strength, not easily deformed, long life and other characteristics. Aluminum-plastic co-extrusion doors and windows are made of aluminum alloy doors and windows put on a "cotton jacket", after a special assembly equipment to balance the various links, the resulting doors and windows have a very strong; aluminum plastic coextruded PVC foam processing Afterwards, the enclosed vesicles of the inner layer have a certain effect on the absorption of ultraviolet rays, so the aluminum-plastic co-extruded profiles have better anti-aging properties. At the same time, the hollow aluminum alloy aluminum linings have higher dimensional stability and corrosion resistance. The service life is greatly increased.

Super insulation High sound insulation
The coefficient of heat transfer of the PVC foam layer is 1/357 of that of steel and 1/125 of that of aluminum. This is particularly applicable to modern buildings equipped with heating and air conditioning equipment. The survey shows that rooms using aluminum-plastic co-extruded windows and doors are 5-7 degrees warmer than indoor windows in winter, and air-conditioning cooling in summer saves energy by 15%-20%. Compared with other profiles, the product is a 3.5-5mm hard micro-foam plastic in the middle of the aluminum lining and profile surface, which has strong ability to absorb noise. Its anti-noise performance is similar to that of wood, which is much higher than other metal materials.
Excellent physical properties
The doors and windows have excellent wind pressure resistance, reliable airtightness, corrosion resistance, non-conductive insulation, excellent UV resistance and excellent weatherability, and aluminum-plastic coextruded profiles have good corrosion resistance due to their unique formulation. Performance, at the same time, profiles are excellent insulators, non-conductive, high safety factor. Aluminum-plastic co-extruded profiles have high rigidity and are suitable for use in areas with high wind pressure and high-rise buildings. They can withstand wind pressure up to 5000PA. Long-term use of the product is not deformed, so it can resist the intrusion of sand, in particular, the open door and window rods have good rigidity, adopt three seals, have a more reliable long-term and stable airtight effect, and can reach the national airtightness testing standard of 7 levels.